Easy Plan Guidance

Our team offers the attention and resources to guide you through every step, the easier way. We:

  1. Help you distinguish among seemingly endless investment and plan design options
  2. Keep you current with regulations and compliance responsibilities
  3. Educate your employees on their options and how to take full advantage of your retirement plan

ERISA, Made Easier

ERISA, the Employer Retirement Income Security Act is the law that defines retirement plan requirements. As a sponsor of a retirement plan, you are the Fiduciary to the plan, which means without additional support, you alone will be held accountable for any ERISA violations and any legal ramifications. We help make complying with ERISA easier, with a focus on key portions of the law:

  • Prudence – Develop, follow & document a prudent process
  • Loyalty – Act solely in the best interests of your participants
  • Adherence – Understand and follow the plan documents
  • Diversification – Diversify plan investments to help minimize risk
  • Cost – Pay only “reasonable” expenses

Our Services

Plan Fees and Services

Our team leverages our extensive experience in working with plan providers to negotiate the fees and services that are best suited for you. We take into account your needs, and develop a plan that will be sustainable and beneficial for you and your plan participants.

Record Management

Proper documentation is a key factor for the success of your retirement plan. We provide support by helping to implement the proper technology to store and maintain records and documents, while keeping them easily accessible for convenient reference as needed.

Training and Education

By providing employees with useful opportunities to learn about their plan options, you can better ensure the success of your plan. We provide guidance and insight for your senior staff to educate employees and assist in the ongoing facilitation of your benefits package.

Powerful Technology

In many ways, the retirement plan industry isn’t much different than it was in the 1990s. Corporate Advisors Group is aiming to change that.

Our investments in powerful technology is bringing retirement plans into the 21st century with automation that makes plan delivery more seamless. Our technology makes your retirement plan easier.

We create an experience for your retirement plan, that is similar to the experiences you have in other aspects of your life. From shopping for retirement plans on an online marketplace, to replacing reams of hard-copy paperwork with more seamless digital document processing, we are creating the future of retirement plans.