Department of Labor Guidance

Cybersecurity Program Best Practices Responsible plan fiduciaries have an obligation to ensure proper mitigation of cybersecurity risks. Download Now Checklist for Managing Cyber Risk in Retirement Plans Although there is not a single solution for cyber protection, there are a number of industry best practices to consider implementing to create effective safe guards. Download Now […]

ERISA 404(c) Checklist

  Does your plan meet the requirements of ERISA Sec. 404(c)? Download the checklist now

Plan Suitability Quiz

  Practical and tactical actions for small business owners. Download the quiz now

Electronic Notice Delivery Requirements

Are you meeting the DOL requirements for electronic plan delivery? Plan sponsors have a safe harbor means to deliver certain plan documents and notices electronically to participants and other interested parties. The Department of Labor (DOL) announced a final rule on May 21, 2020, effective July 27, 2020, that allows employers to post certain retirement […]

5 habits of successful 401(k) sponsors

As a plan sponsor, your 401(k) participants depend on you to help create the retirements they envision. The good news is that many of these participants likely recognize the importance of saving for retirement. In fact, with retirement lasting longer than ever, 401(k) millionaires – those with at least $1 million in their retirement accounts […]

Solving Complex Challenges with Simple Solutions

As an employer and sponsor of a retirement plan, your company shoulders a great many responsibilities. Among them: listening to the needs of your employees, selecting appropriate retirement plan service provider(s), choosing and monitoring investments, keeping up with legislative changes, ensuring your plan is administered properly, and educating and informing plan participants – all at […]

Don’t Go At Your 401(k) Plan Alone

Sponsoring a retirement plan is one of the more challenging endeavors an employer can undertake. However, the advantages of offering a plan are undeniable – not only does it offer a savings vehicle for you and your employees, the tax advantages may help both your business and participants. Administering a plan and managing the assets […]

3 Ways to Reduce 401(k) Plan Costs

Ensuring that a plan’s fees costs are “reasonable” is one of the principal duties of a retirement plan fiduciary. This would seem simple enough, yet ERISA does not define reasonable and regulators simply provide broad, general guidance relating to the matter. This leaves plan sponsors with little to no direction as to where to begin. […]