Not All Stable Funds Are Created Equally

In turbulent markets, stable value investments can be an attractive choice for retirement plan participants worried about the fluctuations in the marketplace. And with both the stock and bond markets down for 2022, some participants may be evaluating their options to preserve capital.  Like any investment option, stable value funds have advantages and disadvantages. Consequently, […]

ERISA 404(c) Checklist

  Does your plan meet the requirements of ERISA Sec. 404(c)? Download the checklist now

Good Plan Design Leads to Financial Wellness

Facilitate Employee Financial Wellness with the Optimal Retirement Plan Design Employee financial wellness has become one of the favorite buzz phrases in the industry over the past decade; and the Covid-induced economic challenges of this past year are making it more of a necessity. Employer-sponsored retirement plans play a pivotal role in employee financial wellness […]

Don’t Go At Your 401(k) Plan Alone

Sponsoring a retirement plan is one of the more challenging endeavors an employer can undertake. However, the advantages of offering a plan are undeniable – not only does it offer a savings vehicle for you and your employees, the tax advantages may help both your business and participants. Administering a plan and managing the assets […]

3 Ways to Reduce 401(k) Plan Costs

Ensuring that a plan’s fees costs are “reasonable” is one of the principal duties of a retirement plan fiduciary. This would seem simple enough, yet ERISA does not define reasonable and regulators simply provide broad, general guidance relating to the matter. This leaves plan sponsors with little to no direction as to where to begin. […]